Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Giacomo Puccini. II. Instrumental music
2.1 Works for organ: Sonate, Versetti, Marce (vol. II/2)

Edited by Virgilio Bernardoni

2018, Carus-Verlag, cm 25 x 32, 148 pp. (esclusiv. vendita - sole agents)

ISBN: id-6851

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The organ is the instrument on which the young Giacomo Puccini began his career as a musician. Through the rediscovery of a considerable number of hand-written pieces, which he composed after 1870 as part of his duties as organist in the churches of Lucca, several primary sources are now available. These give an insight into the beginnings of his musical activities which have only been known about from anecdotes from his first biographers until now. Puccini’s organ repertoire includes works which were typical for liturgical organ music at that time: sonatas for the main sections of the mass, versets which were substituted for Gregorian chant, marches, which were played after the mass (exceptionally even waltzes), and even a pastorale for Christmas time. This music was written with the sound of instruments made in Tuscany in mind. These have just one manual, a 8 foot Principale register and a small pedalboard always coupled to the manual. In addition there were several solo stops divided into "bass" and "soprano".Puccini contributed with originality to the renewal of Italian organ practice, which began in his day to discard its operatic style in favor of a style more suited to the liturgy.

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Virgilio Bernardoni
Virgilio Bernardoni è professore di Musicologia e Storia della musica nell’Università degli studi di Bergamo. Ha pubblicato numerosi articoli sull’opera e sulla musica nell’Ottocento e nel Novecento, occupandosi di codificazione delle tipologie drammaturgiche, di teoria della composizione musicale, di processi creativi, di critica musicale. Ha scritto e curato diversi volumi su temi della fin de siècle in Italia, fra cui Puccini (Il Mulino, 1996), Madama Butterfly. Fonti e documenti della genesi (Pacini Fazzi, 2005), Fedora. Sardou, Colautti, Giordano (Plus, 2007). È membro del consiglio direttivo e del comitato scientifico del Centro studi Giacomo Puccini di Lucca e della Commissione scientifica preposta all’Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Giacomo Puccini.

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