Press office

Our press office is pleased to assist the scholars who wish to write reviews of our volumes. The scholars who are already in contact with the press office receive regular email updates about our new releases.
Should you consider to start writing reviews of our publications, please write to

Serena Ruffilli

including in your message the subjects of your interest (choosing from the following list).

Please send us a copy of your reviews, to be forwarded to our authors and for our archive.

Advertisement exchanges
The exchange of advertisement between specialized journals is one of the best occasions to promote your publications and reach a higher number of readers. Should you wish to propose an exchange, please write to this address.

Paid advertisement in our periodicals
You can have full page advertisements in our publications for a very low price. Should you wish to receive a budget, please send an email to this address, including the name of the journal, and the number of repetitions.