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Oscar Mandel

Oscar Mandel's personal website

The works of the Belgian-born American author Oscar Mandel range across the fields of poetry, drama, fiction, the essay, literary scholarship and theory, translations (especially from French and German), and art history. The present site offers basic publication information about the listed titles, tables of content where relevant, and in a number of instances, characteristic selections.

Oscar Mandel is the author of The Art of Alessandro Magnasco. An essay in the recovery of meaning

Fabrizio Lelli

Fabrizio Lelli's personal website

The relationship between cultural heritage and the formation of the individual personality is the main interest of Fabrizio Lelli, an expert of Jewish literature, philosophy and mystique in the Middle Age and Modern Era. "Si è il frutto di quanto ci ha nutrito spiritualmente e intellettualmente, si è il risultato di quanto abbiamo appreso in famiglia, a scuola, nella società di individui con cui siamo volontariamente o casualmente venuti in contatto".

Fabrizio Lelli edited Alemanno Yohanan's Hay ha-'olamim (L'immortale)

Abecedario di politica per inesperti

Enzo Baldini and Giuseppe Sciara

This Abecedario di politica per inesperti ("First handbook of politics for beginners") is organized as the column of a journal, but it can host contributions from different authors, who intend to illustrate political concepts and theories in an easy and captivating form. It is not addressed to the specialists, but to the "common peopole" whose ideas on the topic are, of course, usually confused.

Enzo Baldini is a member of the scientific board of Il Pensiero politico

A mente fredda

Andrea Mariuzzo

If we consider the cultural and political issues under debate from a more detached point of view, or with a wider perspective, this can help us to remember that reality is more complex than what can suggest the nearest link on Facebook.

Andrea Mariuzzo is the author of Mario Einaudi. Scritti sulla politica europea (1944-1957).

Un barlume di fasto

Alberto Giovanni Biuso

"Welcome to this place. My suggestion is that you take a good book and start to read. It will always be better than wondering through the net without a precise aim".

Alberto Giovanni Biuso is the author of Temporalità e differenza.

Anders Toftgaards blog

Anders Toftgaards

Om italiensk og fransk renæssancelitteratur.

Anders Toftgaards edited for Olschki, together with Michael Høxbro Andersen Dialogo e conversazione. I luoghi di una società ideale dal Rinascimento all'Illuminismo