Leopardi e il paesaggio

Atti del XV Convegno internazionale di studi leopardiani (Recanati, 27-30 ottobre 2021)
A cura di Christian Genetelli, Ilaria Cesaroni e Gioele Marozzi

2024, cm 19 x 27, viii-470 pp. con 9 figg. a colori e 10 figg. bn

ISBN: 9788822268877

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The XV International Conference of Leopardi Studies addressed the concept of landscape emerging from the thought and work of Giacomo Leopardi, in connection with ancient, modern and contemporary cultural history. The volume is characterized by a markedly multidisciplinary approach, as witnessed by the range of critical contributions from different fields - from literature to mathematics, astrophysics, philosophy, and history - and by the presence of two thematic sections, devoted to safeguarding of Leopardi’s landscape and creating a Leopardi Digital Library, respectively.

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