Leopardi e la cultura del Novecento
Modi e forme di una presenza

Atti del XIV Convegno Internazionale di studi leopardiani (Recanati, 27-30 settembre 2017)
A cura di Maria Valeria Dominioni e Luca Chiurchiù

2020, cm 19 x 27, x-550 pp. con 1 fig. bn n.t.

ISBN: 9788822266927

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The XIV International Conference on Leopardi Studies examined Leopardi’s role in the culture of the 20th century against a vast and complex backdrop. This volume, that contains thirty-one papers organized in four sections, includes far-reaching research and monographic essays that illustrates the poet’s legacy in the work of leading Italian and international figures, consolidating his status as an undisputed master of our past and our present.

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