Ispezioni della terribilità
Leonardo Sciascia e la giustizia

A cura di Lorenzo Zilletti e Salvatore Scuto

2022, cm 17 x 24, xii- 284 pp. con 26 tavv. f.t. a colori

ISBN: 9788822268433

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A journey into the abyss of criminal justice, guided by Leonardo Sciascia’s narrative production. In Ispezioni della terribilità, scholars of different backgrounds ponder on relevant statements about justice from Sciascia’s writings which sound almost as “memorable sentences”. Eschewing technicalities and any kind of initiatory language, the contributions in the volume aim to debunk a widespread belief: that the fierce face of justice belongs to a distant past or depends on occasional distortions in an otherwise virtuous apparatus. The work is enriched by an elegant set of iconographic references (edited by Francesco Izzo) and precious cameos by Massimo Bordin.

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