La scienza come dovere civile
Due scritti di Angelo Messedaglia

A cura di Sergio Noto, con una introduzione di Ryan Walter

2022, cm 17 x 24, viii-200 pp. con 8 tavv. a colori f.t.

ISBN: 9788822268310

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Angelo Messedaglia was one of the leading economists of nineteenth-century Italy, the first to think of an organic plan of political-administrative studies, introducing to what would later be the faculties of political science. Reprinted here is a new edition of Della teoria della popolazione, principalmente sotto l’aspetto del metodo, an essay on Malthus from 1858, together with Della scienza nell’età nostra. The two writings describe the scientific journey of a scholar whose vitality of a method that is still capable of saying much to science and scientific practice today can be appreciated.

Sergio Noto
Insegna Storia economia all'Università di Verona

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