Carlo Denina

Dell'impiego delle persone

Testo inedito a cura di Carlo Ossola

2020, cm 17 x 24, xxxvi-112 pp. con 4 figg. f.t.

ISBN: 9788822256560

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This previously unpublished treatise dates back to 1776-1777. It was seized and destroyed before being disseminated in print in the last book burning before the French Revolution, that it anticipates. The volume offers a radically ergonomic view of society where everyone - aristocrats, priests, monks and nuns alike - is expected to work to achieve “public and private prosperity”. Denina is not only the erudite author of Bibliopea or the historian of Rivoluzioni d’Italia, but also a political theorist with powerful ideas, and a champion of human dignity.

Carlo Denina

Carlo Ossola
Insegna al Collège de France, cattedra di «Letterature moderne dell’Europa neolatina». Presso Olschki ha pubblicato l’Autunno del Rinascimento, 1971 e 2014; l'edizione dell'inedito di Carlo Denina, Dell'impiego delle persone, 2020, e delle rare Storie bibliche di Johann Peter Hebel, 2020. - (maggio 2020) -

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