Johann Peter Hebel

Storie bibliche

A cura di Carlo Ossola

2020, cm 15 x 21, xxxii-198 pp.

ISBN: 9788822263537

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Biblische Geschichten für die Jugend was published in 1824 and was the last work of the great writer – admired by Goethe, and then by Benjamin, Kafka, Hermann Hesse, Elias Canetti, Ernst Bloch, Adorno - who would die two years later. This work was translated in two volumes – but very few copies remain – in Chur in 1828-1829, intended for the reformed communities of the Grisons, and accompanied by the translation of his Christian Catechism, 1831. These writings mark the completion of his project of Erasmian conciliation, a bright lesson in peace that remains valid to this day.

Johann Peter Hebel

Carlo Ossola
Carlo Ossola insegna al Collège de France, cattedra di «Letterature moderne dell’Europa neolatina». Presso Olschki ha pubblicato l’Autunno del Rinascimento, 1971 e 2014; l'edizione dell'inedito di Carlo Denina, Dell'impiego delle persone, 2020, e delle rare Storie bibliche di Johann Peter Hebel, 2020.(maggio 2020)

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