Dario A. Covi

Andrea del Verrocchio
Life and work

2005, cm 22 x 30,5, x-400 pp. with 272 ills. English Text. Hardcover.

ISBN: 9788822254207

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A comprehensive study of Andrea del Verrocchio as sculptor, painter, draftsman and goldsmith, and as teacher and master of one of the leading Florentine workshops of the second half of the Fifteenth Century. It is based primarily on the formal and iconographic analysis of the extant works by, or attribuited to, Verrocchio or his workshop. The book includes an Appendix of the transcriptions in the original language of all relevant documents.

Dario A. Covi
Dario A. Covi is Professor Emeritus and Curator of the University Art Collection, University of Loiusville, has taught art history at the University of Louisville and Duke University, and is the author of The Inscription in Fifteenth Century Florentine Painting (1986) papers in Verrocchio and Late Quattrocento Italian Sculpture 81992) and Leonardo da Vinci’s Sforza Monument Horse (1995), and articles in «Art Bulletin», «Burlington Magazine», «Source», «Prospettiva», «Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz», «Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin», and «North Carolina Museum of Srt Bulletin».

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