Federico Follino

Cronache mantovane (1587-1608)

A cura di C. Gallico

2004, cm 17 x 24, xvi-280 pp. di cui 257 di riproduzioni in facsimile.

ISBN: 9788822253613

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Federigo Follino was a prominent figure at the court of the Gonzaga in Mantua at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. He was the official recorder of feasts and entertainments and as Master of Ceremonies he conceived ideas and plots of comedies and intermezzi, acted as choirmaster, organized jousts and tourneys, coordinated processions and supervised funeral corteges. The four volumes he published beteen 1587 and 1608, reproduced here in anastatic reprint, are filled with observations and personal details which constitute an invaluable source for our knowledge of the arts and the cultural climate of the time.

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