Carlo Allioni

Flora pedemontana

Con scritti di L. Tongiorgi Tomasi, R. Caramiello e G. Forneris

2003, cm 21,5 x 30, 2 tomi rilegati in seta, di xl-792 pp. contenenti 92 riproduzioni e 8 tavv. f.t. a colori. Raccolti in cofanetto.

ISBN: 9788822252845

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Considered one of the major authorities on botanical and medical science in the circle of 18th century local and European culture, Allioni gives birth to the application of new principles of botanic nomenclature based on the Linnean model, being the first to accomplish a systematic renaming of Piedmont's flora and publishes the results in this treatise in 1785. Clarity, readability and the elegant page layout distinguish the plates, fruit of painstaking copies from life, making this one of the most important works published in the Age of Enlightenment.

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