Le opere minori di Carlo Allioni
Dal «Rariorium Pedemontii stirpium» all’«Auctarium ad Floram Pedemontanam»

A cura di R. Caramiello e G. Forneris

2004, cm 22 x 30,5, 264 pp. di cui 222 di facsimile, con 23 figg. f.t. a colori.

ISBN: 9788822253781

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Carlo Allioni, a distinguished botanist of the 18th century, was the author of the Flora pedemontana of 1785, a work of major scientific importance. The present volume reprints four studies which Allioni published before the appearance of the Flora and a fifth which came later. All are closely related to his principal work, and demonstrate his early acceptance of Linnaean binomial nomenclature, his interests in teaching, his belief in the importance of botanical gardens and herbaria, and his interest in artistic depiction as an aid to scientific description.

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