Massimo Zaggia

Tra Mantova e la Sicilia nel Cinquecento
I: La Sicilia sotto Ferrante Gonzaga. II: La Congregazione benedettina cassinese nel Cinquecento. III: Tra Polirone e la Sicilia. Benedetto Fontanini, Giorgio Siculo, Teofilo Folengo. Indici

2003, cm 17 x 24, 3 tomi di x-1206 pp.

ISBN: 9788822252623

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This opera aims to weave its way through various aspects of 16th century history and culture. The first tome is dedicated to Sicily, having Ferrante Gonzaga as viceroy in the critical years from 1535 to 1546. The second tome relates a story of the Benedictine congregation of Cassino during the religious conflict of the 16th century. The third tome, based on an accurate archival exploration, illustrates how the Congregation established itself in 16th century Sicily. Copious analytical indexes complete this work.

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