Daniele Olschki

Gioverà ricordare
Meminisse iuvabit

Prefazione di Liliana Segre

2024, cm 12 x 17, 40 pp. con 10 figg. a colori n.t.

ISBN: 9788822269041

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A publishing enterprise, well-established and on its way to growing success; a bibliophile entrepreneur full of ideas; a family of Jewish origins with a foreign name; a story to be fulfilled, coming to a sudden halt with the racial laws of ’38. On that fateful September 13, when the publishing house receives the formal notice to denounce Jewish collaborators and authors, everything seems headed towards slow, inexorable destruction, under the direction of an entity that provides no explanation as to why. A story that unfolds on the margins of the even more terrible tragedy of death and deportations, but one that exposes the dullness of power in the bureaucracy of evil. Gioverà ricordare, it is worth remembering.

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