Marcella Olschki

Terza liceo 1939

2022, cm 12 x 17, xvi-90 pp.

ISBN: 9788822268341

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It's the late 1930s, in a high school class preparing for the graduation. Between Greek and Latin versions, the Armani Bertoli who does not get a question right, despite the suggestions of his classmates, the Ausili who focuses his dreamer's attention on what is happening beyond the window and the ridiculous initiatives of the Regime, which in some cases are an excellent ally for gallows, Marcella Olschki observes as a happy protagonist her small community, whose events could be those of any high school third grade of any time, except that a prank causes a trial for contempt of the fascist teacher, with the added risk of a surname prosecuted under racial laws. This third high school still recounts those dark years.

Marcella Olschki
Marcella Olschki (Firenze, 1921-2001) è stata una scrittrice e giornalista italiana. Studiò a Roma e a Firenze e si laureò in giurisprudenza, lavorò poi in radio come redattrice e annunciatrice. Collaborò a «La Nazione» e al «Giornale di Brescia»; suo anche il romanzo autobiografico Oh America (Sellerio, 1996). Con Terza liceo 1939 vinse il Premio Bagutta Opera Prima nel 1954.

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