Eraldo Antonini

Il Parco Spalletti Trivelli e il “giardino inglese” nei territori estensi

2022, cm 17 x 24, x-322 pp. con 130 tavv. a colori

ISBN: 9788822268525

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Beginning with an analysis of the political and cultural context of the time and the social and economic history of the owner family, the book traces the stages of the formation and transformation of the garden, from the eighteenth-century estate of the Marquises Giannini, to the first "English garden" of the first half of the nineteenth century to the great park of the second half of the nineteenth century. The narrative of the garden's history runs parallel to the stories of the protagonists: patrons, designers, collaborators, gardeners and nurserymen. Aspects deeply connected with the creation and maintenance of the park are also illustrated. Completing the volume is the registry of purchased plants, consisting of more than 500 entries.

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