La Divina Commedia di Antonio Maria Esposito
tra miniatura, scultura e spiritualità

A cura di Silvia Corsi Andreani

2022, cm 23 x 29, xii-200 pp. con 176 figg. a colori n.t.

ISBN: 9788822268228

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Forty-two tiny nut shells in which the gaze is lost in the depths of dark circles of hell, rests on the peaceful shores of Purgatory, and finally opens to the contemplation of the angels of Paradise: in his 'minimal' Divina Commedia, Stabiese priest Antonio Maria Esposito created from grains of pear pulp, fragments of moss and droplets of paint a tiny Dantean cosmos where twentieth-century art meets medieval miniaturists in a work of singular, delicate beauty.

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