Bellarmino e i Gesuiti a Montepulciano

Studi in occasione del IV centenario della morte di San Roberto (1621-2021)
A cura di Manlio Sodi e Anna Glusiuk

2022, cm 17 x 24, xx-270 pp. con 20 figg. bn. n.t.

ISBN: 9788822268204

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In 2021 Montepulciano honored its illustrious fellow citizen, St. Robert Bellarmine, with an international symposium. Well-chosen and well-shared themes characterized the event prepared on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of the illustrious Doctor of the Church. Insights into the figure, better knowledge of documents, admiration of works of art, and developments of his multifaceted activity characterized the two days of study whose contents can be juxtaposed in the pages of the Acts.

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