Luciano Curreri

Il mondo come teatro
Storia e storie nelle narrazioni di Ernesto Ferrero

2021, cm 12 x 17, 126 pp.

ISBN: 9788822267993

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Ernesto Ferrero owes his popularity to his novel “N.”, which earned him the Premio Strega in the year 2000. His entire work as a narrator and essayist demystifies that theater of fictions and instrumental deceptions to which official history is so often reduced and investigates the relationship between the face and the mask, art and life, the individual and the mass. In a series of incisive studies, Luciano Curreri reconstructs this original historical pathway against the backdrop of contemporary culture.

Luciano Curreri
Luciano Curreri (Torino, 1966), ordinario di Luciano Curreri (Turin, 1966), Professor of Italian Language and Literature at the University of Liège since 2008, is a member of the editorial staff of "Retroguardia 3.0" and is primarily noted as an essayist and narrator. As an expert, he participated in some episodes of "Il Tempo e la Storia" (2013-2016) and "Passato e presente" (2019-2020) on RAI 3, which were devoted to Spartacus, Salgari, Pinocchio, mining in Italy, the Paris Commune, Pastrone and the dawn of cinema. e letteratura italiana all’Universitè de Liège dal 2008, fa parte della redazione di «Retroguardia 3.0» ed è attivo soprattutto come saggista e narratore. Come esperto, ha partecipato ad alcune puntate di «Il Tempo e la Storia» (2013-2016) e di «Passato e presente» (2019-2020) di RAI 3, dedicate a Spartaco, Salgari, Pinocchio e le pinocchiate, l’Italia in miniera, la Comune di Parigi, Pastrone e l’alba del cinema. - (novembre 2021) -

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