Dante Alighieri

Quaestio de aqua et terra
Edizione principe del 1508 riprodotta in facsimile

Introduzione storica e trascrizione critica del testo latino e 5 traduzioni (italiana, francese, spagnola, inglese e tedesca)
A cura di Giuseppe Boffito (introduzione e versione italiana), Dott. Prompt (francese e spagnuola), S. P. Thompson (inglese), A. Muller (tedesca). Introduzione scientifica dell'Ing. Ottavio Zanotti-Bianco. Proemio del Dott. Prompt.

2021, cm 17 x 24, xl-118 pp.

ISBN: 9788822267801

Ristampa 2021

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We do not know why Dante was in Mantua when he took part in the dispute on the difference in height between land and water, between the continent and the sea, a relevant theme in the cosmology of the period. We do know, however, that the dispute resumed in Verona in January 1320. Although the treatise was first printed in 1508, it attracted only minor interest compared to other works by Dante. In 1905, Leo Olschki decided to republish the 1508 edition of this work to popularize it with the general public. Today, 116 years later, the Olschki publishing house reprints that same edition pursuing the same objective as Leo.

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