The Science and Myth of Galileo
Between the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries in Europe

Proceedings of the International Conference (Firenze, Museo Galileo, 29-31 January 2020)
Edited by Massimo Bucciantini

2021, cm 17 x 24, x-504 pp.

ISBN: 9788822267405

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The wide circulation of Galileo’ image cannot be strictly confined to philosophical-scientific circles. His fame had a much wider impact, and contributed to arouse discussions and conflicts both in the religious and the political-cultural context. This vast field of study remains in large part unexplored. The aim of this book has been to examine some of the most important themes linked to the Tuscan scientist and his complex legacy, a legacy that has profoundly marked the continent and makes Galileo one of the defining figures of the European identity even today.

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