La prospettiva antropologica nel pensiero e nella poesia di Giacomo Leopardi

Atti del XII Convegno internazionale di studi leopardiani (Recanati, 23-26 settembre 2008)
A cura di Chiara Gaiardoni. Prefazione di Fabio Corvatta

2010, cm 19,5 x 27,5, xviii-656 pp.

ISBN: 9788822260048

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The volume contains 40 contributions by scholars from various disciplines, both Italian and foreign. The topic of ‘anthropological perspective’ is explored from different angles (literary, philosophical, linguistic, philological), highlighting how the anthropological question is one of the constituent factors of Leopardi’s thought as well as his poetry. The collection closes with a round table discussion and with an unpublished poem by Gianni D’Elia inspired by the time spent in Recanati during the conference.

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