Ludovico Antonio Muratori

Delle forze dell'intendimento umano o sia il pirronismo confutato

Presentazione di Francesca Maria Crasta. A cura di Andrea Lamberti

2020, cm 17 x 24, xxiv-232 pp.

ISBN: 9788822266842

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Le Forze dell’intendimento umano, o sia il pirronismo confutato appeared in print for the first time in 1745. This treatise by Lodovico Antonio Muratori was conceived to refute the skepticism expressed by Pierre-Daniel Huet in Traité philosophique sur la faiblesse de l’esprit humain (1723). Muratori also reflects on the categories of knowledge and his argument addresses fundamental philosophical points, making it an integral part of the dialogue between Catholicism and the Enlightenment that marked the Italian culture in the 18th century.

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