Paolo Golinelli

Benedetto Bacchini (1651-1721)
L’uomo, lo storico, il maestro

Premessa di E. Raimondi

2003, cm 17 x 24, xii-212 pp.

ISBN: 9788822252654

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This is the first book on one of the most preeminent and central intellectuals at the time of the crisis of the European conscience. Although Bacchini was the teacher of L. A. Muratori, the guide of Scipione Maffei and a leading figure at the end of the XVII and at the beginning of the XVIII centuries, he still hasn’t received the historical attention worthy of his deeds. This book tries to fill that gap by drawing a full-length portrait of the man and of the historian who gave rise to modern scientific historiography in Italy and the inspirer of historians of the monasteries (Tiraboschi) and of the Middle Ages.

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