Nuove prospettive di ricerca sulla figura di Francesco Filelfo

Atti del seminario di studi (Macerata, 6-7 novembre 2013)
A cura di Silvia Fiaschi

2015, cm 17 x 24, x-176 pp.

ISBN: 9788822263889

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The book brings together the first studies launched as part of a national project, FIRB 2012, on Francesco Filelfo. Alongside strictly critical text focusing on the printed tradition of Filelfo’s letters, there are also commentaries on texts inspired by crucial events in history (the fall of Euboea), in-depth looks at important cultural and linguistic elements of his production (medicine and medical language, works in the vernacular) and essays regarding the reconstruction of his library. The results that are presented are new, but the main innovation is represented by the perspectives and approaches to investigating a key figure for European humanism.

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