Codice Rustici
Volume II. Saggi ed Edizione critica

Saggi a cura di Elena Gurrieri. Edizione critica a cura di Kathleen Olive e Nerida Newbigin

2015, cm 32 x 47, x-310 pp. con 200 ill. n.t. a colori.

ISBN: 9788822263698

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The Codex Rustici is composed of two volumes with a final format measuring 32 x 47 cm. The two volumes, with a silk binding and gold tooling, come in an elegant box.
Here we are presenting Volume II of the Codex as an independent publication; it contains essays, an iconological analysis, transcription and critical edition of the work. This fascinating voyage through literature, the history of the Church and of Florence, art and architecture probes the crucial points of Marco di Bartolomeo Rustici’s trip and the significance of his Demonstration of the Journey to the Holy Sepulchre and Mount Sinai (the complete title of the Codex Rustici). What emerges is a love song for Florence and a natural ability to move from devotional subjects and practices to moments of profound artistic erudition, and on to a vision of the unique details of a city that became the feverish workshop of wonders in the 15th century.

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