Alessandro Perosa

I «Miscellanea» di Angelo Poliziano
Edizione e commento della Prima Centuria. Voll. 1* e 1**

A cura di Paolo Viti

2022, cm 17 x 24, 2 tomi di lxii-542 pp. complessive.

ISBN: 9788822260949

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The publication of the commentary (unfortunately only half of it) on the first centuria of Angelo Poliziano's Miscellanea due to Alessandro Perosa (1910-1998) provides an in-depth insight into Poliziano's working method and his effort to constantly update the forms and criteria of humanistic philology. Perosa's commentary appears to be an undisputed monument of the history of exegesis and philology as well as a model of study and research on a fascinating and attractive text.

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