Antonio Vallisneri - Giovanni Battista Davini

Dell'uso, e dell'abuso delle bevande e bagnature calde, o fredde. De potu vini calidi dissertatio

A cura di Alessandro Dini

2010, cm 17 x 24, xcii-250 pp.

ISBN: 9788822259875

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The treatise on Dell’uso, e dell’abuso delle bevande, e bagnature calde, o fredde by Vallisneri was published in Modena in 1725 together with De potu vini calidi dissertatio by Davini.Themes arising from this work are the following: the debate over the opportunity to ingest cold or warm drinks, the multiplicity of old and modern sources in Vallisnerian medecine, the comparison between works written on this subject by Davini and Muratori, the studies dedicated to springs and thermal waters by the Paduan professor.

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