[ Antonio Vallisneri - Carlo Francesco Cogrossi ]

Vallisneri Antonio, Miglioramenti e correzioni d’alcune sperienze ed osservazioni del Signor Redi
Carlo Francesco Cogrossi - Antonio Vallisneri, Nuova idea del male contagioso de’ buoi

(a cura di Ivano dal Prete, note biologiche di Andrea Castellani). (a cura di Mauro De Zan)

2005, cm 17 x 24, viii-176 pp. con 1 fig. n.t.

ISBN: 9788822254849

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«Miglioramenti e correzioni» was published in 1712, just after the first volume of Redi’s «Opere», correcting and completing them in some parts, mainly in order to support and define the controversy over spontaneous generation. In «Nuova idea», Cogrossi and Vallisneri supported the hypothesis of live infection as aetiology in epidemic diseases. Using the principle of analogy in nature, they arrived at a generalization between the causes of known parasitic diseases and those of epidemic infections.

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