L'istruzione in un comune rurale fra Otto e Novecento
Inventario dei registri delle scuole elementari nell'Archivio storico comunale di Scandicci (1880-1924)

A cura di Rossella Mentesana. Introduzione di Riccardo Borgioli

2009, cm 17 x 24, l-114 pp. con 1 pieghevole a colori.

ISBN: 9788822258588

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In Casellina and Torri, now Scandicci, the changeover from private to public instruction began before the State made public education compulsory in 1865. The introduction to the inventory illustrates the various phases and, of the 14 schools involved, presents over 800 registers found lying in Scandicci’s historical archives; the period covered begins in 1880 and ends just before the Riforma Gentile. Through these registers we are able to reconstruct a social picture of the territory between the 19th and 20th centuries.

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