I libri di famiglia dei nobili de Giudici di Arezzo (1769-1876)
Con alcune note sul carteggio tra Angelo Lorenzo de Giudici e Vittorio Fossombroni

A cura di Lauretta Carbone. Presentazione di Giovanni Cherubini

2008, cm 17 x 24, lxiv-250 pp. con 1 pieghevole e 12 tavv. f.t. di cui 8 a colori.

ISBN: 9788822258489

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These Libri are exceptional evidence of a strong tradition, a substantial continuity of interests, mentality and story of a family that, in these documents, seems to emerge unscathed and flourish under different political systems. Also included are notes, sketches of rural areas and landscapes, roads, rivers, bridges, mills, villas, mansions, churches, chapels, sepulchres, tombstones, artworks and, in the background, the Aretine society of the time.

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