Bonaventura Corti, naturalista, educatore, meteorologo
Il suo tempo e il nostro

A cura di Paola Manzini e Roberto Marcuccio

2008, cm 17 x 24, xviii-230 pp. con 39 figg. n.t. con CD-ROM.

ISBN: 9788822257703

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Abbot Bonaventura Corti (1729-1813), former physics’ teacher in Reggio Emilia later rector of Collegio S. Carlo in Modena, as a naturalist observed and, for the first time, described cytoplasmic movement in vegetal cells. This volume looks into his life, correspondence and works; for teaching purposes, it also suggests processing the meteorological data published by Corti, as a starting point to reflect on the treatment of ancient data and today’s climatic changes.

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