Segreti delle acque
Studi e immagini sui bagni (secoli XIV-XIX)

Atti del seminario (Firenze, 8 novembre 2005)
A cura di Paolo Viti

2007, cm 17 x 24, x-174 pp. con 5 figg. n.t.

ISBN: 9788822256980

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These essays on literature related to balneology vary in themes and environmental settings, cultural moments and experiences: Ugolino Caccini and Francesco Casini, two medieval doctors; a letter Poggio Bracciolini wrote from Baden in 1416; the 16th-century collection «De balneis»; balneology in Europe and the figurative arts; Montaigne’s travels; the life of Girolamo Vasari, a government official from Florence; the thermal baths of Contursi, near Salerno, and other thermal sites in the early 19th century.

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