John Monfasani

Nicolaus Scutellius, O.S.A., as Pseudo-Pletho
The Sixteenth-Century Treatise ‘Pletho in Aristotelem’ and the Scribe Michael Martinus Stella

2005, cm 17 x 24, x-182 pp.

ISBN: 9788822255143

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The book offers two discoveries. The first is the treatise by the Augustinian friar Nicolaus Scutellius (1490-1542) in defense of Plato against Aristotle. Best known for his Latin translations of Greek Neoplatonic writings, Scutellius was a close collaborator of the celebrated Renaissance Platonist and Hebraist Giles of Viterbo. The second discovery is the extraordinary career of the mysterious Michael Martinus Stella, who was responsible for one of the two extant manuscripts of Scutellius’ treatise.

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