Il lessico della ‘Politica’ di Johannes Althusius
L’arte della simbiosi santa, giusta, vantaggiosa e felice

A cura di F. Ingravalle e C. Malandrino. Prefazione di D. Wyduckel, introduzione di C. Malandrino

2005, cm 17 x 24, lii-390 pp.

ISBN: 9788822254733

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Johannes Althusius’ «Politica methodice digesta» of 1603 has been interpreted in many diverse ways: theory of federally centered political union with right of opposition, or theory of disciplined subordination? Precursor of the ‘Contrat social’ or a mere theory of the ‘ständische Gesellschaft?’ Does it anticipate modern anti-absolutism or is it a theoretical structure based exclusively on pre-modern concepts? Some even see the present constitutional structure of the EU as a sort of Althusian political union. These questions, as well as possible new interpretations, are discussed in the present volume.

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