La carica dei quodlibet
Carte diverse e alcune musiche inedite del Maestro Malipiero

A cura di G. Morelli

2005, cm 17 x 24, iv-144 pp. con 11 figg. e molti es. mus. n.t.

ISBN: 9788822254634

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The volume, dedicated to the memory of Francesco Degrada (himself a passionate scholar of Gian Francesco Malipiero), brings together reproductions of a number of the composer’s unpublished musical materials. These materials differ sufficiently from Malipiero’s normal stylistic standards as to require some original observations regarding both details and the overall evaluation of his work. The book concludes with a hypothesis for interpreting the Nuova-Scuola, Nuova Bottega, Veneziana system, with the re-examination of some current ideas regarding the Malipiero-Nono and Malipiero-Maderna relationships. In addition, we are given some glimpses of Malipieros private, indeed secret life.

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