Simone Marchesi

Stratigrafie decameroniane

2004, cm 17 x 24, xxii-154 pp. con 2 tavv. f.t.

ISBN: 9788822254030

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Organized in five close-reading essays on the "sources" of the «Decameron», this book reconstructs the influence that Latin classics (and their various late-antique and medieval offspring) exerted on the generic identity of Boccaccio's masterpiece. Under the lens of the author, the intertextual fabric so reconstructed ceases to be a mere filigree of literary reminiscences to become a system of signals that invites the readers to engage in an active interpretation of the text.
The volume moves from an analysis of the poetics laid out in the outermost frame of the work (Proem, Introduction to Day Four, Conclusion of the Author) to the dialogue in which the individual storytellers engage through their narratives. Testing the limits of interpretability, the author treats the philological genesis of the allusions reconstructed in each essay as a crucial element in the semiotics of the text.

Simone Marchesi
Simone Marchesi, laureato a Pisa in Lettere Moderne, vive e lavora negli Stati Uniti, dove ha compiuto gli studi di dottorato. Insegna letteratura italiana medievale a Princeton dal 2002 ed è autore di numerosi articoli di Italianistica e di due monografie: Stratigrafie decameroniane (Olschki, 2004) e Dante and Augustine (University of Toronto, 2011). Ha al suo attivo anche numerose traduzioni di studi critici e di raccolte di poesia, fra le quali R. Pinsky, Un’America, Le Lettere, 2009.

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