La Toscana di Arnolfo
Storia, arte, architettura, urbanistica, paesaggi

di I. Moretti, C. Nenci, G. Pinto

2004, cm 21,5 x 30, vi-170 pp. con 111 ill. n.t. di cui 67 a col. e un pieghevole a colori.

ISBN: 9788822253095

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The first part, with photographs and remarkable watercolours, contains three essays: Tuscany at the end of the 13th century, Architecture and town planning in Tuscany at the time of Arnolfo and Art in Tuscany in Arnolfo’s time. The second part, with territorial maps and aerial views, is dedicated to the thirteen Tuscan dioceses giving information on what a tourist of that period could have visited, thus discovering the new architectural trends.

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