[ Giorgio Simoncini ]

Roma. Le trasformazioni urbane nel Quattrocento
Vol. II: Funzioni urbane e tipologie edilizie

A cura di G. Simoncini

2004, cm 17 x 24, vi-400 pp. con 50 ill. f.t. e 3 pieghevoli. Rilegato.

ISBN: 9788822253651

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This second volume studies in more depth some aspects of this urban transformation, particularly the real estate market, some municipal functions (e.g. supplies and public assistance), significant building characteristics (churches, cardinals’ palaces), the state of the monuments in the area of the imperial forums, and the state of non built-up areas. Three appendices contain 15th-century texts useful for our knowledge of the urban history of the time: municipal and pontifical documentary material, literary sources (religious as well as cultural), diaries and chronicles.