Il latino nell’età dell’Umanesimo

Atti del Convegno (Mantova, 26-27 ottobre 2001)
A cura di G. Bernardi Perini

2004, cm 17 x 24, viii-210 pp.

ISBN: 9788822253460

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The essays gathered in this volume are all dedicated to a discipline which, due to the lack of a sufficient number of critical editions and of adequate research tools, should be considered in its nascent stage. In spite this, it opens a fascinating epistemological perspective and points the way towards a variety of historical, linguistic and literary objectives on a truly European scale. The contributors are Alejandro Coroleu, Jean-Louis Charlet, Vincenzo Fera, Paolo Mastandrea & Manlio Pastore Stocchi, Aires A. Nascimento, Giuseppe Patota and Silvia Rizzo.

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