Aspetti di letteratura gnomica nel mondo antico. I

A cura di Maria Serena Funghi

2003, cm 17 x 24, xvi-304 pp.

ISBN: 9788822252159

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A collection of 17 papers presented at a symposium focused on the «Menandri sententiae», a gnomology whose distribution is attestable in various forms from the first century AD up until late Byzantine editions. An analysis is made of the graphic typology, methods of revising the trimeter, the textual tradition tendency, including translations and the acknowledgment of single verses within other texts. Contributions appear on Theognidea, Pseudo Epicarmo and on ‘collectable’ literature, both of ancient times, like Stobeo and Orione and in the ‘sententious’ form intended as a literary production of knowledge that endures through to modern times.

Corpus of Greek and Latin Philosophical Papyri. Texts and Lexicon

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