X Colloquio Internazionale (Roma, 4-6 gennaio 2001). Atti
a cura di M. Veneziani

2002, cm 17 x 24, viii-552 pp.

ISBN: 9788822251435

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By means of the key words ‘experientia’ and ‘experimentum’ in philosophical and scientific texts these 21 essays reconstruct the principal articulation of the idea of experimental knowledge, starting from archaic etymology up to the 17th century scientific revolution and on to German Romanticism and Hegel.
Opening of the works by T. Gregory. Essays by: Belardi, Pépin, Hamesse, Leonardi, Busa SJ, Spinosa, Bianchi, Stabile, Fattori, Armogathe, Robinet, Totaro, Hall, Lamarra, Palaia, Veneziani, Pimpinella, Gorcy, Hinske, Moiso, Verra.

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