Giuseppe Boffito

Biblioteca aeronautica italiana illustrata
Primo supplemento decennale (1927-1936)

Con aggiunte all’intera «Biblioteca» e appendice sui manifesti aeronautici del Museo Caproni in Milano
descritti da Paolo Arrigoni

1937, cm 17,5 x 25, viii-680 pp. con 36 ill. n.t. e f.t. Rilegato.

ISBN: 9788822250513

Ristampa 2002.

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From the multiform and prolific cultural activities of Father Giuseppe Boffito this magnificent bibliographical feat is without doubt the magnum opus. It is also exceptionally important evidence – unique in its kind at an international level – of all that has appeared in Italy on aeronautical history, technology and literature. The first volume and the even denser «Supplemento decennale» have been out of print for many years now. In the firm belief that we have maintained not only the scientific validity but also the freshness of a live source of study and research it is our desire to make this work available again by welcoming the reprint in our «Biblioteca di bibliografia Italiana» series that will also carry an essential update designed to complete the bibliography from 1937 to 2000.

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