Nell’anno 2000
Dall’utopia all’ucronia

Atti del Convegno Internazionale (10 marzo 2000)
A cura di B. Bongiovanni e G. M. Bravo

2001, cm 18 x 25,5, 244 pp.

ISBN: 9788822249913

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The texts published are by some of the greatest European experts on utopia, from B. Baczko to M. Vovelle and including M. Moneti, L. Canfora, V. Fortunati, G. Conti Odorisio, A. Colombo. Particularly noteworthy are the themes on the historic and historiographic course of events of utopia from the 18th century towards the «future» marking the relationship between utopia and revolution, science, freedom, democracy, Socialism, Conservatism and with specific reference to the connections between 'utopia-distopia' and 'ucronia-discronia'.

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