Ester Bianchi

The Iron Statue Monastery
«Tiexiangsi», a Buddhist Nunnery of Tibetan Tradition in Contemporary China

2001, cm 15 x 21, 234 pp.con 16 figg. f.t. a colori.

ISBN: 9788822249852

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The Tiexiangsi in Chengdu (Sichuan) is the only dGe lugs pa nunnery in the non-Tibetan areas of the People's Republic of China. It presents a peculiar coexistence of Chinese and Tibetan elements, with a prevalence of the former in the organisation of activities, and a prevalence of the latter in the content of its religious practice. The main purpose of this study is to try and clarify the unusual nature of the nunnery, and, secondly, to present an example of an active Buddhist community of nuns in contemporary China.
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