Matteo Duni

Tra religione e magia
Storia del prete modenese Guglielmo Campana (1460?-1541)

1999, cm 18 x 25,5, xii-352 pp. con 4 tavv. f.t.

ISBN: 9788822248251

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Exorcist of the cathedral of Modena, don Guglielmo Campana was at the same time for several decades a very famous sorcerer and magician, much sought-after even in other cities. The book reconstruct the biography and the inquisitorial trial (1517) of the idiosyncratic priest, setting them in the context of the Renaissance Church touched by the first impulses of reform, and analyzes his varied magical operation, tracing their sources between necromancy, exorcism, and the magical healing practices of folklore.

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