Luisa Valente

Phantasia contrarietatis
Contraddizioni scritturali, discorso teologico e arti del linguaggio nel «De tropis loquendi» di Pietro Cantore (m.1197)

1997, cm 18 x 25,5, 254 pp.

ISBN: 9788822244970

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The aim of the unpublished work dealt with here is the solution to the contradictions found in the Holy Scriptures and in the works of the Fathers of the Church; to solve them, reducing them to simple diversities, the Parisian master turns to the most elaborate techniques taken from the lower group of liberal arts: grammar, dialectics, rhetoric. A thorough analysis of Piero Cantore's work and a description of intellectual life in Parisian schools during the period that connects the great personalities of the first half of the 12th century to the birth of universities at the beginning of the following century.

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