Patrizia Girolami

Dio, Dei, religione nello «Zibaldone» di Giacomo Leopardi

1995, cm 21,5 x 30, xl-184 pp. Rilegato.

ISBN: 9788822242914

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Giacomo Leopardi's relationship with religion is a recurrent theme of the Zibaldone, whose pages can help trace in a comprehensive way the development of Leopardi's thought on this subject, in its different aspects. The religion on which the author of the Zibaldone questions himself is not only that of the Christian God, but also that of the pagan deities and of the philosophers; in every case, it always appears connected to the problems of nature, of evil, and of happiness. Guided by reason, Leopardi attains a reasoned scepticism in which there is no place for any Theodicy.

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