Some volumes have uncut pages

When we started our activities, our publications were mainly addressed to the world of bibliophiles and of book collectors. Therefore, we issued uncut books, to let the reader enjoy the pleasure of the jus primae lecturae, by personally cutting the pages one by one with his own paper knife. This choice was usually appreciated. One day, one of our American customers (evidently unaffected by the charms of bibliophilia) sent back a volume with a blunt message: "defective copy: untrimmed". Since then we understood that we live in a changed world, where there is no more place for these refined attentions of the past, and the pages of our new volumes are always cut.

Some volumes are stained, with traces of dried mud

Some volumes published before 1966, although still available, can show signs of the devastating flood that hit Florence on November 4, 1966, and submerged our warehouse in via Ghibellina.

Missing cover / abstract / prospectus

Apart from a few exceptions, there are no synopsis for books published before 1990. You can download a pdf prospectus of every book published after 2002. Covers are available for books published after 2007.

I am looking for an out of print book

  • A few copies of out of print books may still be available, at a collectors' price. Requests can be sent to info@olschki.it.
  • The print on demand technology makes it possible to reissue out of print volumes. If you wish to suggest the reprint of one of our books, please write to this address: when we reach 15 requests the volume will be reprint.

I have not received my volumes yet

Please, make sure that you have carefully followed the instructions at page How to buy. Our courier service does not ship to P.O. boxes. In case of problems with your order, please contact our Customer service.